I really wanted to go to the Whitsundays Islands since when I first saw some of my friends’ pictures that spent there their holidays: dreams places, wonderful beaches, islands like the ones you see in post cards.
And that’s why we absolutely had to put them in our itinerary!
After that, my only problem was to find out how to get there, avoiding those annoying and super expensive tours that load and unload people all day long from the boats to leave them two or three hours on one beach and then change island. Tours where everything is organised and you cannot even enjoy your day the way you want.
I couldn’t find the solution and I was getting so nervous because apparently I was forced to choose one of them, there was no other option…

But… then another backpacker like us, that just came back from her trip, offered me the perfect solution, the one I struggled so much to find.
Are you curious to know how to do it? Well, you are in the right place! Just keep reading!

This service it is called SCAMPER and that’s a water taxi that for fair prices takes you to the campground just right at the beach that you prefer and you can camp there as long as you want!
Camping? Yeah, right! Not many people know it, but on the Whitsundays Islands there are several bush campings where you can pitch your tent just in front of the ocean and feel like in the movie Cast Away.

So, switching to the practice: how can you organise and book this unforgettable holiday on a desert island?
You just need to follow two simple steps.

First of all, you have to click on the website http://www.whitsundaycamping.com.au (that you can also reach clicking on the word SCAMPER above) where you will find all the information that you need! You can click on the Camping Sites section to see a map of the campgrounds available with a little description for each site! That makes the choice much easier! You also find all the prices listed (return per person) depending on how far you decide to go.

One more issue… You don’t have all the camping equipment? No worries, they can hire you everything (tents, mats, pots and pans, gas stove, esky… I told you, everything!!) and they even provide you with water. And if you ever decide to stay for a long period they even offer a food drop-off service. Oh and don’t forget to hire a snorkeling kit!
Scamper also co-operates with Salty Dog Sea Kayaking (they are at the same hut at Shute Harbour in Arlie Beach) that gives you the opportunity to hire a kayak to explore the nearby beaches or even reach another campsite where you can be picked up.
Scamper is run by husband and wife and I strongly recommend a call to Sandy that will help you with everything you need to organise your perfect holiday, even changing the departure dates if the weather is not good enough (that’s what happened to us). You will find extreme courtesy, helpfulness and kindness!

And now, let’s get to the second step!
The campgrounds we were talking about are areas provided with toilet that are located inside the national park, so to camp there you require to buy a permit. Don’t worry, it is really easy to purchase it from this Queensland Governement website and it’s a totally safe website (of course!), so don’t be afraid to put any of your data in there! Every campground located in any National Park in Queensland costs $ 6,55 per person/per night, so it’s a very cheap price!
Sandy told me about the existence of a local office in Arlie Beach where it’s possible to book and to modify your booking, so maybe would be easier just go there for someone.

And that’s it! Now you just need a tag with your booking details to put on your tent (you can print it from the website or ask one in Scamper office and just complete it with your details) and you are ready to enjoy your holiday!

One last tip? While you are on the boat on your way to the campsite, you will probably have the chance to make a little tour among the different Whitsundays Islands. Keep your eyes wide open because there is the opportunity to meet some dolphins or even whales swimming around!

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See you soon!


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